Theme Upgrades

On almost all of my sites I like to use the Atahualpa Theme from BytesForAll. I have finally managed to get almost all of my sites up to date with the latest install. Since each site has been tweaked to have it’s own look and most have custom headers, upgrades to the theme are problematic at best. My one complaint with the theme is that the header images have to be uploaded again after every update. It has pretty much become a routine I go through while updating plug-ins and other ancillary files.

Today Atahualpa rolled out an incremental upgrade. Now I use a empty sidebar between the body of my sites and the sidebar on the right. It’s always worked, gives me some options I wouldn’t have using padding. Well today’s update filled it with default text and forced me to drop an empty text widget in my “spacer” to remove the text.

Problem solved until the next update…

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