And The Deregulation Gifts Just Keep Right On Giving…

The role of speculators in the world’s oil markets has been widely blamed for bringing consumers $4 gasoline last summer — and rightly so. A recently completed study by two Baker Institute scholars further confirms that this blame is not misplaced and recommends specific ways to do something to limit the speculators’ influence.

Research by Baker’s Amy Myers Jaffe and Kenneth Medlock shows that speculation increased following the easing of regulations in the oil futures markets in 2006…

I said it at the time, it’s nice to have some data backing up my own gut feeling that there was nothing that should be causing the spikes in price…

It’s just another in the long list of things that conservatives keep getting wrong. Faith in the markets but no faith in the government…Where, if ever, did proof of that misplaced faith ever prove out to be a benefit to society?

via Oil bets are off: Rein in speculators to smooth markets | Editorial | – Houston Chronicle.

Are We About To Witness Judicial Activism From The Right?

THERE ARE MANY complicated aspects of the campaign-finance case the Supreme Court is poised to hear Wednesday, but the issue boils down to this: Will the justices let corporations spend unlimited amounts to elect or defeat candidates for federal office? This course of action would be unwise and unnecessary to resolve the dispute at hand.

via Court Should Take Conservative Route on Campaign Finance Case –

One of my biggest complaints is how the conceptual rights of corporations have expanded in the past few decades to allow these “fictional” citizens to in effect become freer of constraints than actual flesh and blood citizens.

I have never bought into the legal fiction of free speech rights for corporations. To me that is just a legal fiction to allow the “heads” of these corporations to bypass the legal restrictions placed on actual “people” when it comes to limitations on “political speech”.

And now it looks as though the Robert’s Court wishes to review the limitations that have been placed on this fictional person’s rights by preceding courts for the past century. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck…It sounds like judicial activism to me…Pretty ironic isn’t it?