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Jenny Lawson "The Bloggess" at BlogW...
Jenny Lawson “The Bloggess” at BlogWorld NYC (Photo credit: BlogWorld & TBEX events)

Just the story to inspire another blogger…

While most nonprofits struggle to get Christmastime donations back to pre-recession levels, one Texas woman raised $39,000 for needy families in a mere few days.

Jenny Lawson, a 36-year-old former Houstonian who now lives in the Hill Country, doesn’t have a huge organization, a banner cause, a catchy slogan or flashy campaign. She has something much more compelling than any of those things: a blog.

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Going Forward

Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog - ...
Wordle Cloud of the Internet Marketing Blog – 08/15/08 (Photo credit: DavidErickson)

I spent the past 6 months studying and reading everything I could find on these inter-webs about online marketing and making money online.

After all of the subscribing to and reading a multitude of newsletters and blogs I have come to one conclusion… Most of these experts are all selling the same thing…No, I am not talking about different ways of saying the same thing, I am talking about the very same book or lesson or private forum. Each and every one of them is pushing the very same products via affiliate links.

It must be working for at least some of them because there sure are a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon. Now don’t get me wrong…I am not knocking affiliate links. I use them myself. Look over to the right and you’ll see a whole block of them. But a lot of what I’ve been reading reminded me of the old mail-order come-ons that kept my Dad thinking he was going to make money from home in the 1960’s and ’70’s by buying someone else’s catalogs and plopping his return address on them and just mailing them out to a bunch of addresses he bought from someone else…It never worked.

So for the past week, I’ve been unsubscribing from the newsletters, dropping the RSS feeds, having my email removed from the mailing lists. I did discover a few people in the process that I’ll keep following…But, way too many of the people out there were not useful to me. And…When every “Product Launch” would fill my inbox with tens and tens of emails all with the same offer, it really began to look a lot like just more spam.

So where will this lead me now? Who knows…But as I wander through these webs I’ll keep you informed abiut what I find…