Thinking about the apple mac add from the 80’s

I have had a thought running through my head here lately dealing with the way the conventional wisdom has changed since Apple took on IBM. What brought this thought out was an update to iTunes that I seemed forced to install this morning.

When I say I was forced to install it, I mean that iTunes would not play anything when I tried to run it this morning. The program kept freezing up after telling me a new update was available. So I finally gave in and updated iTunes.

Now understand, I only use iTunes to download and listen to podcasts, nothing else. I have another mp3 player I use for all of my music and videos. I have never liked the iTunes heavy handedness in wanting to change the way I store my files. It is probably a reflection of why I have never cared for the Apple operating system.

It turned out I had a hard drive problem causing the stall…But, really, couldn’t a piece of software that’s that bloated tell me that was the problem?

Anyway…Back to the premise of that old add…There was the upstart, independent Apple taking on the massive, hidebound IBM. Apple, the darling of the creatives. IBM the creature of the executives. Both projecting their images onto their machine of choice. Apple leading the fight for creative freedom, IBM leading the fight to restrict the user to just the processes the bosses wanted you to have.

My how the world has turned. Today IBM deals just with the back-end of computing and Apple…Well, let’s just say you either buy into Steve’s vision of the world or you don’t. If you do you are willing to pay more and wait longer to get what you want…Or what you think you want, anyway.

Is it just me or do all of those folks walking in lockstep look like they are lined up for the next limited iPad of iPhone release?

You Can Call Me Crazy

You can call me dumb. But whatever you call me…Would you please, please stop filling up my comments with things like this:

Hi. I like your website but i can tell it probably isn’t getting much traffic? If you want to help imrpove that check this website out, he has a short video that i really suggest you watch…

You know what? If that’s the best you can do to try and “help” me improve…Do us both a favor, just stop bothering.

I know. Everyone on the internets is just out to make all of the money they can scam. Isn’t that right?

I mean, just how many times do I have to delete the spam from these guys before they stop favoring with their offers to sell me their insights? How many times have I seen this one this week:

We’re continually testing variations of our search results after to optimize performance for both you and our users. Similarly, you’re probably always fatiguing to detect ways to improve each specialization of your ad to get your idea across to users. To remedy, we’ll one day be making a change to traditional ads that when one pleases allow you to display more information where it’s most likely to be noticed–in the headline.

Does filling my Akismet Spam filter with multiples of the same message from the same IP address at the exact same time make it any more likely that I’ll let it through to clutter up my blog with their link crap?

But these guys really take the cake…

Hi, i simply wanted to come here to let you know about a seriously inexpensive service that posts comments such as this on millions of WordPress blogs. Just why you might ask, well you may want to sell a product or service and target webmasters or simply just increase the amount of backlinks your web site has that will increase your Google rankins which will then bring your website much more visitors and cash.

Like I really want you to teach me how to do what I am trying my damnedest to stop you from doing to my sites…Get a life guys.