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Wow… Has Time Flown

I was just updating things here and noticed the date of the last post… Wow.

One of the many things that has changed over the years is the wallpaper on my computer. In the intervening time I have discovered the artwork of Gary C Myers. He has a blog called Redtree Times. And he posts his paintings and commentary on an almost daily basis… And three of them hang on my walls… Two in my line of sight from this computer. Sadly all are prints only. One day I’ll acquire an original.

But my computer has a revolving slideshow of his images as wallpaper now… Check out some of his paintings HERE.

This print is hanging above our fireplace…

Sell Art Online

And this one is in our entry…

Grace in the Light

Gary Myers is an inspiration… He’s a working artist with a prodigious output of amazing images. When I first saw his work it touched something in me I did not expect as his style is not something I would have envisioned myself being drawn to. Nor is it a style I had been drawn to in the past. But, his artwork just clicked for me… Now I find myself getting lost in the individual images/worlds for minutes and minutes at a time as they show up on my screen.

And he is a good and giving man. If he didn’t live across the breadth of the country, I’d be happy to call him a friend and neighbor. As it is I’ll have to be satisfied with a virtual friendship over these inter-nets… And seeing his art whenever I look up… Thanks Gary…