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Texas Politics

You know… It’s been a long, long while since I last posted a political note on this, or any of my other sites. The whole discussion had just gotten too intense. I would probably not be posting now had it not been for a chance encounter with a Texas Conservative while out running errands.

In all of the long conversation we had, we only agreed on one thing… Neither one of us claimed to be a Republican. In actuality, we both went out of our way to assert we were not Republicans. And yet, there is his website giving Tea Party candidate recommendations for the Republican Primary.

There was one other thing we agreed on… Though he claimed to be wanting the conversation so he could understand how I, a liberal, thought. We finally agreed that neither of us would ever understand the other. It’s true too, I do not understand the thought process of the conservative mind.

What is it in conservative thinking that makes everything the government does a conspiracy to control them.

His main argument with me was about how Democrats in the Senate had voted to repeal the first amendment. When I asked him what the bill was they voted on that lead him to that conclusion, he told me to look it up on govtrack. Well I tried and I couldn’t find an obvious choice. So I went searching in Google… And of course, I should have known… Blame it on the Junior Senator from my Great State of Texas. Ted Cruz in his overblown rhetoric has been telling everyone who would listen (most of the videos were from Fox) that the Senate proposal to hold a hearing on “Examining A Constitutional Amendment To Restore Democracy To The American People”. was a repeal of the First Amendment right to Free Speech. Go figure…

Oh well, it made the wait for my inspection and oil change go a bit faster… But you know what?

I’ll never be a Republican… Not even a Tea Party Republican.

And yes… I do believe in the Constitution of the United States as Amended by the People.

1870 celebration of the Fifteenth Amendment as...
1870 celebration of the Fifteenth Amendment as a guarantee of African American voting rights (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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