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…Pursuit of Really Fresh Produce

Is eating locally produced food a civic duty?

The folks at Kitchen Gardeners International might not call it a duty, exactly. But the group — one of the organizations whose efforts led to the planting of a kitchen garden at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. this spring — argues that buying and eating locally bolsters American communities and economies even as it makes for a more healthful diet, all of which might strengthen the nation as a whole.

via Jennifer LaRue Huget – A Locavore’s Fourth: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Really Fresh Produce – washingtonpost.com.

Pizza for Breakfast

Leave it to the Minimalist…Mark Bittman gives us polenta pizza…For breakfast

THERE are many reasons to rethink breakfast.

Maybe you’re trying to get more whole grains into your life, figuring they’re more beneficial (and cheaper) than the alternatives, or that they’ll help you lose weight or postpone hunger. Or you’re sick of sweet breakfasts. Trying to cut down on eggs. Looking for something new.

via The Minimalist – Whole-Grain Breakfasts – Your Morning Pizza – NYTimes.com.

Same subject…But on the Today Show…

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