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Testing WordPress 3.0

Yesterday I decided I needed to start testing the new WordPress 3.0 to see what the changes might be and how it might affect my network of blogs.

Setting Up To Test

After deciding to test it I decided I needed a private “new” domain to use for the testing. So it was off to GoDaddy to pick up a domain or three just to use for testing different things…I don’t know why I never did this before.

Installing the 3.0 Beta

I went ahead and let GoDaddy install the latest WordPress install. Then I went in and deleted all of the files (after copying the wp-config out to my machine to make it easier to copy and paste the db info) and uploaded the Beta installation. Ran the install and started playing.


So far I haven’t managed to break anything…Though I had trouble with a import…Seems every time the program tried to import an attachment and received an error it would not import anything below that point in the export file. I don’t know if it’s a 3.0 bug or something that happens in 2.9 also…Needs more testing.

So far I have only installed a couple of plugins. I have imported all of the posts from this site for testing purposes. I have blocked search engines…No reason to get burned for duplicate content.

Why Am I Testing

The main reason for the testing site though, is to make sure my themes and plugins don’t die with the upgrade. So far Atahualpa seems to still work. I will need to make some posts and double check the source code before I can be sure. Since almost all of my sites are running on that theme, it’s important to me that it keep working…

New Features

When I first set up the site I was using the new default theme Twenty-Ten 1.0. I have to say…I could almost live with the default as a basic layout. It’s a nice default theme. I haven’t gone looking through the code yet…But I will when I have a bit of free time.

The options on the new theme are rudimentary, but, simple to use. Changing header images and background colors couldn’t be easier.

The new custom Menus option works well, even when the theme does not implement the new feature. A new widget is added to allow the custom menus to be added to your sidebars.

The one issue I have so far is my inability to try out the MU version of 3.0 Beta. The install instructions stated that I would be asked if I wanted to install the MU version on the install…But I didn’t see it. Maybe I need to start with a completely clean database…I’ll try that in the coming days. I’ll keep posting my results…

Neglected Brand? ME!

I have owned this domain name for almost a decade now. At different times I have used it for different things…But I have never quite figured out what I wanted to say on my name branded site.

My last post here was in January…I have been busy playing with my Mountain Dreams sites since then…But I really need to put a mark on this one. I spent this evening re-theme-ing the site. I’ll play with it a bit more over the weekend.

The more I think about what I want to say here, what I want to do, the subject matter I want to cover…The more I think maybe this site should be the one I talk about the trials and tribulations of running websites…It seems to be as good a subject as any. And it gives me a theme to build around…So I guess we’ll see where this will lead…Stay tuned.

Remodeling and Rebuilding…Pardon the Dust

Godaddy finally rolled out the patch for WordPress 2.7 so I’ve been busy making upgrades to all of my websites. So far I am impressed with the changes the WordPress gurus have incorporated into this version.

The new Dashboard is great. Granted it took a few hours to figure out where everything is located but I love the new menu layout down the side. Having the ability to install plugins directly from the website without going through a download, unzip, upload, activate procedure is also pretty dang nifty.

I am also taking the opportunity to install a common suite of plugins on all of my sites. One of the discoveries I made was the Multi-Level Navigation Plugin. I really like the look of the pull down menus…While I was at it, I built badges for each of my domains. They are a bit large but I like them.

I am also in the process of redefining North Carolina Mountain Dream and matching it with Virginia Mountain Dreams. I hope to turn both sites into resources for both myself and others who may be contemplating a move to the Blue Ridge Mountains. I will concentrate my attention on Watauga County, NC and Floyd County, Va to begin with and expand out from there.

Check back for updates…

What do you say about the company you spent a lifetime at…

When they tell you they don’t need you anymore…Leave. Now. We will not be replacing you…

It’s been a month…

I was proud to work for this company. On the whole they treated their employees well.

They did have the myth of “family” working far longer than it was actually a fact. It is still a family owned company…Corporation. And that’s where the problems began to grow.

Suddenly, we weren’t just a regional/national firm anymore. We were a “billion dollar corporation”. We quit promoting from within. Those of us who grew up with the company just didn’t understand the way “billion dollar corporations” worked. Top management hired consultants who told them so. They then hired more consultants who told them were they should spend all the profits…new software systems, new product lines…best of all, new names and logos…Changes from the changes that were inspired by the old consultants…pie in the sky, bye and bye. The Kool-Aid just kept getting sweeter. It seemed like every time we turned around there were new Vice Presidents, new Directors, new departments doing things new ways…Change seems to have become necessary for it’s own sake. Yet the company continued to grow and stay profitable.

Personally, for at least a year or better I had made no bones about the fact that I planned to leave (retire) in 2010. Earth Day was they date I chose, just for grins. That would put me to 37 years of service, I thought that was long enough for one career. As the local management, in my view, went off the rails over the past few years, I let my hair grow out almost as it was when I first hired in in 1973. I watched the money being spent…Began to think 2010 might be a year too long. Over the past few years I began to check out the tax laws and other issues that would come up with me leaving the company earlier than the normal retirement date.

Then along comes this financial crisis. Knee jerk reactions seem the order of the day so it’s bye bye. Now I’m not sure who at the corporate level decided when and how, but damn, for some smart people they sure act dumb. Let’s be nice and bump severance packages just a bit…It’ll make us feel better about the hard decisions. But let’s be dumb and pay it all in the 11th month of the tax year so these folks we just laid off are liable for more taxes next spring as they still look for a job. And in my case, January would have removed me from the 10% additional tax if I have to tap into my 401k moneys to get by, but no, let’s do this quick…try to make it painless on those that are left…Thanks for the forethought. And just think, as a company we were hired for our expertise in planning for the unexpected…everyone out in the real world hires us for our ability to foresee these types of problems.

What does thirty-five years of loyalty buy you these days…With a buck fifty, it may get ya a cup of coffee, muse on that.

Do I sound a bitter? I am a little. Funny thing though, I’m also glad I’m gone…Once they started taking themselves so seriously, it wasn’t fun any more. My only regret is there are still a lot of good people around the country who can still be hurt by this idiotic behavior…The one good bit of news…In the past week the karmic dissonance  has come back to a semblance of balance with the leaving of the manager who had the most to say in pushing me out the door…Have a great life MM…I sure plan to.

And to all my colleges at my old home away from home…All the best in this new working environment. I’ll miss all of you, but I’m moving on. earlier than planned, but going forward just the same. It was mostly fun, that life we had together…Maybe we’ll run into each other…down the road.

What a difference a couple of months can make…

After resetting all of my sites in September and planning to continue the changes my entire life changed.

Thirty-five years of working in the same company…Changing jobs and skill-sets to keep it interesting…The economy and new management at the company I called home decided I (and my experience) was no longer needed. So now I find myself re-inventing my life for the first time in three and a half decades…

Hang around…The new direction should be interesting (at least from my point of view) to say the least…Check back and we’ll see where I end up…