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Nighttime Earth

Once again Jason Kottke has taken me far from home…

I have always been intrigued by the nighttime sky. Now NASA has put the sky on earth. The stories these earthside stars tell aren’t quite the same as the ones told by our ancestors as they stared heavenward all those generations ago. Instead of mythological creatures and gods spread across the bowl of the heavens, these stars tell human stories… Stories of lives lived, homes built, trails explored then improved again and again to make it easier for us mortals to travel around. Stories of man’s unrelenting war against darkness… First with fire, then with electricity.

Here is my home, from San Antonio to New Orleans…

This Is The Wallpaper On My Computer Now

This is the Chapel at the Old Rose Emporium in Independence, Texas. If you are ever in the are take a look…It’s a great place to spend a day or an hour. The season doesn’t matter… There is always something in bloom.

For the past month or so this is the image that greats me when I turn on the computer. I took this just before the Easter weekend. The place was packed as they were hosting egg hunts and train rides and all kinds of activities for the kids.

My wife and I went back last week and had the place to ourselves. It seems no one else wanted to brave the high heat to wander through the plantings. We enjoyed the time we spent.

Another Wallpaper

Back when I drove to work each morning I would pass this scene on the way in. The rising sun would highlight the grasses. These grasses, at certain times of the year, would glow with a purple haze in the light. For a couple of weeks I went on my merry way thinking I should try and capture an image… Finally I did…This is one of the resulting shots. The images I captured that morning have graced my monitors here and there ever since. This is the version on my laptop this week…Enjoy