Shutdown Watch

It’s shameful to exploit our veterans for political gain and the American people will see through it.

via Congressman Pete Olson

What is it about our Congressional Representatives that forces them to actually tell the truth as they lie about what happened?

Here we have my Congressman, Pete Olson, calling shame upon the President and Democrats for doing something that he and his partners in the House actually did…

The whole statement is full of misstatements and Republican talking points that have little historical basis. But the last sentence comes across as totally true…Just not the way Pete Olson meant it. He is right though, the American people are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s funny how in my time here, I have been shuffled from Congressional District to Congressional District as the Texas Legislature has juggled their gerrymandering of the system. I started out down here stuck with Tom Delay in the 90’s. Then the re-stacked the deck and I got Ron Paul, which I thought was an improvement at the time… Then I got to know his agenda and I wasn’t as impressed. This last re-stacking of the deck put me in Mr Olson’s district.

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